Maggie Wren’s Art Space spotlighted and fostered contemporary art, creative emerging technology & interactive art and sculpture. With the main gallery space and courtyard/sculpture garden.

Maggie Wren was one of Kid Neon’s social/cultural/fun projects that ran for 3 years. Hosting events from major festivals
-Melbourne Design Week
-Melbourne Fashion Festival
-Fringe Festival
and curating the below festivals.
-2 years of The Digital Underground festival.
-3 years of the Virtual Reality Fringe
-The Virtual Reality Cinema weekly screenings (Plus 2 years @ St.Kilda Film festival, ACMI VR DAY2016, Wall to Wall festival 3 years).
-Rone VR Video Spotlight
-The Augmented Trumpeter shows.
-VR, Immersive projections and touch designer workshops.

Thank you to everyone who exhibited, made work for festivals, collaborated, played and made music on the spatial sound system, made 360 films for the 28m surround projection system and pushed the boundaries of what art, music and a great show could be.

Was great fun times and space to see people let loose their creativity in a nonridget commercial gallery context, that art spaces bring a fresh and innovative approach too. Thanks to Bodriggy for fueling the opening nights so generously and relentlessly too.

Maggie Wren’s name is a tribute to wandering around the area going to art galleries in fitzroy and collingwood. The first part the suburb Collingwood where because of the original bushlands up around victoria pde and victoria park way had a large number of maggpie birds. Hense Maggie. Wren is a tribute to Johnston st and John Wren’s original illegal betting Tote was a few doors up and the large bluestone courtyard and additional back alley entry to the art space. Hesnse Wren. Aka Maggie Wren.

projections 3k
back one 3k
back two 3k

Blank 25

“Buy Me Dinner First” is an investigative art series exploring sexuality and intimacy. Zoe Milah DeJesus has created a collection of paintings based on interviews with over 10 individuals about their attitudes, feelings and ideas towards sex. Describe what an orgasm feels like. How do you know when someone wants to have sex with you?

How do sex and love connect in your mind? These questions, along with many more create an overall image of how a particular person views sex and their own sexuality. Zoe encourages people to recall their past and talk about their experiences and desires. By portraying a diverse range of genders, identities, and ages, “Buy Me Dinner First” opens up a conversation about sex in a fun and positive way. The exhibition encourages viewers to embrace the playfulness and humor of sex while also expressing the important influence that sexuality has on all parts of life.


Sydney Road | Jade Richards-Butler 15th FEB-17th FEB

Jade Richards-Butler explores the effects of mass media and technology on our ways of seeing, perception of time and experience of memory.  Through the eyes of a digital native she investigates the internet’s impact on visual culture whilst employing alternative uses of cyberspace and technological tools to explore the web’s ability to construct perception and memory.
Her video installations demonstrate the passing of a decade on a Melbourne inner city suburb. Through the appropriation of Google’s Maps she creates panoramic digital composites combining multiple photographic fragments. Adopting time as both a medium and subject matter, the composites fade into each other demonstrating the passing of a decade in video format.
Focusing on Brunswick’s Sydney Road, these video loops demonstrate the effects of Melbourne’s rapidly rising population on the urban fabric of the site. By employing images captured in the decade since Google Maps’ creation, the rapid advancement of lens-based and web hosted technologies is explored.
Jade Poster

 Touch Designer Workshop



Speaking about Self Care is a group art exhibition that will be showing at Maggie’s Art Space from November 30th to December 2nd. 
The opening event is Friday, November 30th 6-8pm & we’d love to see you there!

Speaking about Self Care
Curated by Samantha Moss of Mossfolk & Tegan Iversen.
What does self-care mean to you? What are your self-care rituals? Speaking about Self Care is centered around the themes of mental health & self-care. When struggling with one’s mental health it is important to find & hold onto anything that makes you feel better & that works for you. Whether that be meditation, gardening, yoga, taking medication, going to therapy, crystals, tarot, creating art, etc. In this exhibition, fourteen Melbourne based female-identifying & non-binary artists will explore self-care rituals that they partake in their day-to-day life for their own mental well-being in a safe, open & encouraging way.

Exhibiting Artists:
Brooke Van Der Linden
Cassandra Martin
Frances Cannon
Freya Alexander
Gemma Flack
Hilary Green
Isabella Kottek
Katie Brebner Griffin/Ohkdarling
Lucy Hersey
Pey Chi
Plush Magic
Sam Stevens
Sophie McPike
Tegan Iversen

We will have fun & interactive workshops & events during the running of this exhibition that will all be centered around self care. We will be holding a Zine Making workshop with F*EMS on Saturday, December 1st from 10-2pm at the space, you can purchase tickets to this workshop via this link We will also be doing an artist talk on Sunday, December 2nd at the space from 12pm during which some of the artists exhibiting will be chatting about the meaning behind their work, their connection to mental health & art making as self care.

Maggie’s Art Space is located on 178 Johnston St, Collingwood.
Gallery hours:
Friday 30th November 6-8pm (Opening event)
Saturday December 1st 10-4pm (Zine making workshop 10-2pm)
Sunday December 2nd 10-4pm (Artist talks from 12pm)

Openings every friday in Nov and first week of Dec 23rd Nov Qbank 


Between Mountains – Neil Tomkins, Alec de Wilt & Dan O’Toole


Aaron Joseph Russo First Album Launch. Music and Visuals

 Transience: Solo Exhibition by Jaimi Joy

Transience is a window into my growth over the past two years as a photographer.
In mid 2016, I travelled by myself around the US to shoot portfolio work and was constantly inspired by the athletes that fell across my path, and the adventurous people I met.
Returning with reignited tenacity in producing new works, with a taste of the life I could create, Transience showcases a range of personal and professional work within sports and adventure photography.
Integrating the simplicity and free spirit of that trip into my everyday life, I have since lived in my van in Melbourne, and am currently focusing on personal projects that share stories of women in sport and the outdoors.


Friday November 9th, 2018
6pm – 9pm
Maggie Wren’s Art Space
178 Johnston St, Collingwood

Beer + Wine
Live music by Leelou


Sunday November 10th – Wednesday 14th
Gallery hours: 11am – 6pm

Transience_Invitation-JaimiJoy (1)

Noise & Colour Fri  5th Oct Launch Night till Sunday 7th Oct.


New Artwork by Mortimer Barnett


Electro-conspiracy-dub evangelists “BULDABURGERS” 
[ feat Regan Tamanui, Nick Ives, and Pheelix ]


desert-electro-rock weirdos “Hallandale” [ John KerrensMatt Barnett, Kieran Ruffles]

come get weird to kick off the weekend!
FB Event

 Q Bank Presents

Opening on 27th July 2018 6pm-9.30pm

Shannon Keane & Sean K Hughes

Call Out for exhibitions!

17th JUNE Intermission Zine Launch 5pm-9pm


Projection Project @ Maggie’s

The last couple of months an audio/visual collaboration project has taken over Maggie’s. Its a milestone of a custom designed, programmed and created projection and spatial speaker/audio setup. We look forward now the technical development phase is complete to curating content and sharing this truly unique experience with you over the coming months. Below are some shots of the project development.


Starting the spatial audio process & visual programming the surround projections.


Surround vision works in progress. Getting one 360 image/video across the 5 projectors in the space.


Hanging the audio monitors and the wonders of running and arranging the cables and cables and cables…


F*EMS Issue #10 Launch

23rd March 

Freya Alexander
Vonne Beyer
Eliza Freeman
Tegan Iversen
Brigit Lambert
Anna MacNeill
Cassandra Martin
Lucy Roleff
Eliza Stribling
Brooke Van Der Linden
Martin Bruce 
16th March

You are warmly invited to attend the launch of MAGGIE’s Art Space, Collingwood on Friday 9th February 2018 from 6pm – 9pm

The newly built space @ 178 Johnston st Collingwood is ready for creative projects of all kinds including but not limited to

Art Exhibitions

Multimedia Exhibitions

Creative Events

Pop Ups



MAGGIE’s will also play home to the Virtual Reality Cinema where Australian and international artists will present brand new VR content.


Next Up at Maggie’s



A Spotlight on VR Director Lester Francois
VR works include Street Artist Doco Rone, Intermission and short stories from South Africa.

Friday 2nd March 6pm till 9pm
Launch and screening night

3rd and 4th March
Screenings all Saturday & Sunday see VR Cineme menu above for details.

Solo Show 16th March-18th March


Hot Problems